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Welcome to Wine Wednesday!  Here you will find wine suggestions, tips, and great pairings!!  This week, I will be featuring a 2014 Red Blend by Cocobon Vineyardswine-wednesday

This blend is one of my go-to grocery store wines!  I really try to keep my wine costs to a minimum and this blend is consistently marked at $7.99!  You really can’t go wrong for the price!

This 2014 California Red Blend has a nice hint of sweet; not overbearing or too dessert-like. However, I would probably not drink a whole bottle at once since it is a little on the sweeter side.  This rich, silky blend boasts dark cherry and vanilla flavors while having a nice, soft finish. The blend pairs wonderfully with grilled pork tenderloin, roasted chicken, or even a nice, hearty pasta dish. You will find it has a lovely, dark purple hue, is light bodied, and is a very smooth, easy drink.

Not sure about you…but I truly cherish inexpensive, decent wine.  When my budget allows, I will splurge a little at the wine store; but it is always nice to have a few wines you can enjoy, without breaking the bank.

Give it a try! Let me know what you think!  Scroll down to ‘Follow’ Live.Love.DrinkWine. on Facebook for extra posts and to see great posts from other bloggers as well!



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Nicole lives with her husband and son in North Carolina. They have another bundle of joy on the way as well! Nicole enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time as a family, and working with animals. She also loves dance parties, red wine, Disney movies, and dolphins.

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  1. Savannah Hendricks | 29th Sep 16

    Thanks for the suggestion. I try and keep my wine to $5 a bottle haha

    • nicolemichelle | 29th Sep 16

      $5 even better haha!!

      • Savannah Hendricks | 29th Sep 16

        I’m a Trader Joe’s and Total Wine shopper myself

        • nicolemichelle | 29th Sep 16

          I love total wine!!! But we don’t have one close enough to us and since I am pregnant and can only have a tiny glass here and there I haven’t bothered making there trip lol. Soon….soon 😍😍

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