5 Great Activities for a Preschoolers at Halloween!

As Halloween comes to a close, I want to take a moment and reflect on how much fun we had.  We really made the most of October this year, and that means something to me.

I want Munchkin to enjoy and engage in the excitement and activities different seasons and holidays have to offer.  It is something I value, and I hope he will as well.  As everyone gets ready to go trick-or-treating I wanted to share some of the great things we did this Halloween to keep on file for next year.


5 Ways (Besides Trick or Treating) to Enjoy the Halloween Season with a Preschooler!


1. Decorate!

We decorated!



And decorated some more!



2. Have a Halloween Party!






3. Paint Pumpkins 🙂






4. Carve Pumpkins!img_1501

5. Bake Pumpkin Seeds! (Munchkin LOVED to sort them)


And, of course, there is trick-or-treating!  Everyone LOVES trick-or-treating!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time!  And if you already trick-or-treated, I hope your little ones had a great night!  Until next year :). 


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Nicole lives with her husband and son in North Carolina. They have another bundle of joy on the way as well! Nicole enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time as a family, and working with animals. She also loves dance parties, red wine, Disney movies, and dolphins.

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