How to Throw your Kids a Halloween Party on a Budget!


It’s Halloween weekend!!  Is anyone else as excited as I am about this? Halloween is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas.  Back when, before I started making tiny humans, I was the queen of Halloween.  I always hosted the best Halloween party I could afford; it was awesome.  I would spend whatever I needed to on my costumes because it was the one time during the year I really went big on something.  I was very creative too; it was so much fun.

Well, now it’s my little man’s turn to enjoy Halloween.  Today is wear your costume to school day; he was so excited.  And, of course, so was I!  Getting him into a costume has been tough over the years; he is just now comfortable with the idea and excited about it. Such an adorable little storm trooper.



We are having a Halloween Party for him tomorrow and he is stoked.  We are new to our area, so we do not know anyone just yet.  Since he just started Preschool, I gave everyone in his class an invitation; figured it would be a great way for him to make some friends. We were invited to a birthday party in a similar fashion last year.  It was a little strange, not knowing any of the kids or their parents, but it worked just fine and Munchkin had a great time.

Unlike my previous years of “go big or go home” when it came to Halloween, I am much more conservative these days.  With a baby on the way and enough credit card bills to make my head spin; some things ha.  Munchkin won’t  be concerned with how much money I did or did not spend; he will remember having a great time.  That is the wonderful thing about toddlers; they are not expensive to please.  It took me some time to stop feeling bad for the amount of money I had;  I always felt pressured to live more luxuriously, like I had something to prove.  Now I know and understand there is no shame in just living within your means.

Our party is tomorrow and we are in the midst of setting up and putting everything together.  I have some fun activities planned for the little ones, but I am mainly banking on their desire to play on our huge, three level swing set.  It came with the new house; serious bonus if you ask me.  Our Halloween party won’t be boring or lacking, but it won’t be crazy over the top either; the children are four.

So, here’s  five ways I recommend throwing a Halloween party, or really any holiday party, on a budget.


  • Check out the dollar store. You can find some really fun decorations and plateware for party use.  They have all sorts of colors and you can mix and match for a fun assortment!  The decorations are legit and your little one will be thrilled to go shopping with you.  Instead of going to the Party store where everything is more expensive, why not get everything for $1.00!


  • Check what you already have.  This requires you to be somewhat organized, but you’d be surprised to find what you have collected over the years. You may have the perfect punch bowl sitting in your attic or basement you completely forgot existed.  I save all my decorations so I get really pumped when I stumble across a box I can reuse.


  • Shop late.  Shopping a little later in the season will give you a better discount on decorations.  Granted, there may be less supplies depending on how close you cut it (this happened to me yesterday), but if you shop at a craft store most of their decorations are 60%-70% off even two weeks before the holiday hits.


  • Utilize Amazon.  If you have a Prime membership, which I highly recommend, you can wait until Amazon starts cutting prices and order from there as well.  I seriously love shopping on Amazon; I don’t have to get off the couch and I get everything in two days with my Prime membership.
I LOVE these chip bowls!

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

  • Keep it Simple.   Numerous times, I have over exerted myself and spent too much money on a party my child doesn’t even remember.  Granted, other parents will be there so I want to make some sort of positive impression; but it does not have to be fit for  kings and queens.  You don’t have to learn the in’s and out’s of professional cupcake baking to have a successful party.  There is nothing wrong with simple food; I find it can the most satisfying.  Have fun games, give the kids something to do, and provide everyone with some food and drink and you will be golden.


Do you have any other money saving party tips?  Please share them! Us Moms need to help eachother out! And, don’t forget to have fun and take lots of pictures.  You want to make memories, not stress.  Most parents are much more concerned about keeping tabs on their children then checking out what boards you pinned your desserts from anyways.  Your little one will be spending his or her time running around with friends and having a great time; capture those moments and let that be the highlight of your day!



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