Fun with Confetti Borders!

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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted; life has been crazy!  We welcomed our new baby boy into the world almost two months ago; he is absolutely amazing and we couldn’t be happier!!  He has brought us so much joy I can not even describe!!!

I have gone back and forth over the months trying to figure out my blogging identity; it is not something that has come easily for me.  To be honest, I was not always sure it was for me.  I found myself putting out posts I thought others would enjoy, versus something I really wanted to share with you.  And, that’s no fun for anyone!  SO, in the meantime, I started playing with some graphic design and opened up an Etsy store; Untamed Prints.

Untamed Prints is where you can find some unique, digital downloads for your home decor.  We all know how expensive store bought prints can get and this makes it much more affordable.  And, I have used my love of wildlife for inspiration….FINALLY!!  My goal for Untamed Prints is to use animals’ unique characteristics or histories and match them with inspirational/life quotes.   Don’t worry if you aren’t too into wildlife; not all prints are animal related.

It has been a lot of fun creating these pieces and sharing them with the world!  So, I am going to share my journey with you.  Any time I find a great freebie, graphic, or post a new listing, I will share it with you!  I believe this is going to be a really fun direction, so let’s give it a whirl!!


I recently asked Facebook followers to share their favorite inspirational quote with me.  My aunt commented “Throw kindness like confetti”, and I thought it was a really fun quote to use for my next printable.   Not only did it give me an excuse to make something, but I also got to shop for some fun confetti graphics!  I came across this sweet bundle on Creative Market for only $10!! So many different confetti borders in gold, silver, and colors; I love it!! And, with PicMonkey, you can play with the colors of the papers while leaving them with their original gold and silver hues; super fun!!!  Here is a preview of the different confetti borders, feel free to click on the link to view more images!

And, here is the print I made using my aunt’s quote and colored confetti borders.  I hope you like it!!  Feel free to download and print at home; it is this week’s freebie!  All I ask is for you to give me a share somewhere in your social media :).  You can also follow me on Pinterest to stay up to date with all the listings from Untamed Prints!


Happy Designing!!


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Nicole lives with her husband and son in North Carolina. They have another bundle of joy on the way as well! Nicole enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time as a family, and working with animals. She also loves dance parties, red wine, Disney movies, and dolphins.

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