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Hi!  I’m Nicole; wife, mother, and animal lover living in North Carolina.  My family and I relocated here from New England a couple years ago; we find it nice, but still miss all the northeast has to offer.  At the moment, we are blessed to have another bundle of joy joining us in January 2017; and we won’t be finding out the gender in advance!  So fun!

I started Live, Love, Drink Wine. in order to be home with my Munchkin more; I love being home with him and spending time as a family.  I became whole the day I had him.  It really is amazing how becoming a mother can bring the best of yourself forward!  We love beach days, camping trips, and spending time with friends and family. I love to cook; there is nothing better than delicious food. I love to share my recipes with you, as well as any time-saving management tools for a busy family. Although working part time, I have done the full time schedule and know how hard the juggle can be at dinner time.

I graduated with my BS in Zoology from NC State and have a monster obsession with marine mammals and the ocean.  I had had some amazing experiences alongside marine mammals and their caretakers that have really made an impact in my life!  I support all matters of conservation and research and am hoping to do more work in the field at some point.  I hope to inspire my children to care about nature and the animals living around them.  My goal is to educate them, get them involved in environmental/animal events, and give them experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.  Since I do love animals and nature so much, you may see some posts on my site every now and then outlining my views; please feel free to engage in conversation, but please always remember to keep an open mind :).

I am also a server, part time; have been for many years.  It’s such an easy way to make extra money; plus I get more quality time with my family.  So, every now and then you may see a ranting post about proper restaurant etiquette or positive experiences I had with my guests.

I love sharing my journey and being able to connect with such a wonderful community of parents, animal lovers, other New Englanders, and anyone else interested in great conversation and connection.  I love hearing from readers so please feel free to contact me at any time!  You can email me directly at Nicole@livelovedrinkwine.com or you can fill out the contact form below.  Whichever you prefer :).


Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site!





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  1. Savannah Hendricks | 23rd Aug 16

    Wine, dogs, dolphins! Love it. (I too have horse allergies including the hay, maybe only the hay). Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list.

    • nicolemichellehill | 23rd Aug 16

      Thank you Savannah! Yeah the horse allergies are no fun. I am hoping to do my shots after my pregnancy. And swimming with dolphins makes my life complete lol so can’t wait for you to try it!!

  2. officiallykim | 9th Sep 16

    Love your story! And that picture with the dolphins is tooo cute!!!!

  3. | 28th Sep 16

    Great site! Looking forward to more posts!

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