10 Must-Try Fall Cocktails

Fall is a wonderful time of year; my absolute favorite season!  The minute the apples, cider, pumpkin, and cranberries make their appearance, I can’t wait to start baking.  And, while all the food is often unforgettable, we must not forget to enjoy the unique, fall cocktails that are out there.  Cozy up indoors or grab a sweatshirt and relax outside with cocktail in hand; either way you won’t be disappointed.  I have compiled a list of 10 must-try recipes and, if you are going to do anything today, give one of these a try! The time of watermelon margaritas and shandys is over!  Embrace the beautiful autumn season and toast to a delicious fall cocktail!




Salted Caramel Apple Martini


Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash


Two Ingredient Apple Cider Mimosas


Spiced Cider Margaritas


Apple Pie Moscow Mule


Pumpkin Pie Martini


Apple Pie on the Rocks


Honeycrisp Apple Sangria


Apple and Pear White Sangria


Hendrick’s Gin “Fall All Over” Cocktail

I hope you try and enjoy atleast one of these.  Fall will come and go so fast; before we know it we will be winter!  Whether you are having a small (or large) gathering or are relaxing at home;  I am sure one of these fall cocktails will hit the spot!  ENJOY!!!


Thank you for reading!  If you tried any of these, let me know :).  I would love to know what you thought!  Also, I would be honored if you subscribed to my mailing list; then I can keep you up to date on everything and send you some insider resources as well!  Talk to you soon!


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Nicole lives with her husband and son in North Carolina. They have another bundle of joy on the way as well! Nicole enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time as a family, and working with animals. She also loves dance parties, red wine, Disney movies, and dolphins.

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