10 Awesome Thanksgiving Finds

Hey there!  Wow, can you believe how fast the holidays are coming right up?  A couple months ago I was begging time to go faster to relieve me of my first trimester and the terrible heat; now I am wondering how everything is moving so fast.  The season is in full swing with family visiting, gift planning, travel plans finalized, and finalized dinner menus.  This truly is a joyous time; my absolutely favorite time of the year.  The summer is great and all, but nothing beats these holiday months; atleast for me.  However, I am still waiting for Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cakes to hit the shelves; I can’t help but chow down on those little white Christmas trees!

While I bet you are so busy with holiday planning, I still wanted to share some unbelievably cute Thanksgiving items I came across; crafts, decor, stationary, etc.  I don’t want to skip over Thanksgiving due to my excitement for Christmas; once December 1st hits it’s all about the Clause!  And, I don’t know about you but I love decorative, holiday themed “stuff”; it adds another level of fun and creativity.  Even though Thanksgiving is right around the corner, you still have time to snatch some last minute items.  Plus, when you get this close to the holidays, a lot of items go on sale; nothing wrong with that!  Check out these 10 adorable Thanksgiving finds! *This post may contain affiliate links.



Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

I had to throw this in here!  I sort of regret not sending out a super cute baby-on-the-way announcement.  Plus, how nice to send one to family and friends for the holidays!
Be Thankful Stamps
I seriously love these stamps.  I used custom wedding stamps for our Save the Dates when we got married two years ago and I am still in love with the idea.  You may not want to use them for every occasion, but they really add a nice touch for really special occasions and holidays.
Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitations
I love these Dinner Party Invitations.  I am all about the wood and rustic style so these are great in my book!  I will not be having a dinner party this year, but I will keep this in mind should that change next year!
Paper Coasters
These coasters are super cute; I love the chalkboard theme.  If you care about your furniture, coasters are always a great investment when there is a crowd!  I prefer the paper coasters; I find them much cheaper than the stone ones.  Plus, I think they are more kid-friendly!
Wine Charms
I love these wine charms!  Not going to lie, I am sort of obsessed with wine charms when I have dinner parties.  I think they add such a nice touch; plus it makes wine drinking a lot easier when you aren’t searching for your glass constantly!
Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

These Thanksgiving photo booth props are adorable and would make a great activity for the kids!  I grabbed a bunch of these for our recent Halloween party and the kids loved taking pictures with them!

“Give Thanks” Throw Pillow Cover

These throw pillow covers are adorable.  A lot cheaper than buying the pillows you can only use once a year.  Just put this cover on them and wash them when you are done.  I love the burlap look and the font style as well; perfect!!

“Give Thanks” Banner

I love this banner.  Perfect for the entry way to your dining room, above the fireplace, or really anywhere you prefer.  I love the burlap, rustic look!

Thanksgiving Dinner Straws

I love these Thanksgiving dinner straws; I am a huge fan of these for parties.  I ordered them for my wedding and my son’s 2nd birthday party.  I think they are super fun and really add some touch to your decor!

Pumpkin Party Crackers

If you have never done party crackers at a dinner party, you are seriously missing out!  It is so fun!  And these pumpkin party crackers are perfectly themed for Thanksgiving!

While I am sure there are so many more out there, these were my favorite ones I found between Amazon and Zazzle!  I love ordering from both of these companies any day!!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy some of these items I have shared with you! 


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